Eagle Silver, Gold & Ruby Ring

$875 Order

Sterling Silver with 14K Gold trim, with a ruby in the eye.

3/8" (10 MM) wide.

The ring is available without the ruby for $800.

The EAGLE is revered for its beauty, regal nature and signifies peace, spirituality and friendship.

We make high quality Northwest coast Native rings, which are popular as wedding bands and engagement rings or for everyday wear. All our First Nations jewelry is hand engraved by Kwakiutl master artist David Neel, whose work is known for deep engraving, flowing designs and excellent workmanship.
You can order a Northwest Native American ring in gold, silver or platinum; and in widths from 3/16" to 5/8" wide. The most popular band is 5/16" (8 MM) wide. You may add a ruby, sapphire or diamond setting in the eye of the animal. A sketch of the Northwest Native design is available upon request. If you are trying to decide which Native animal symbol is right for you, please visit the Animal Symbols page to browse the meanings. If you have a question or you would like a free quotation on a custom ring please feel free to call or use the Contact Us page to send an email.

David Neel is a fifth generation First Nations artist and jeweler with 30 years of experience, and he has a long history of satisfied customers. Whether you prefer Kwakiutl art, Haida art or another Canadian Aboriginal art style, we can make a ring to suit your taste. Please visit the Customer Reviews page to see what others have to say about the quality of their Native ring and the service they received. We welcome gay, lesbian and LGBT customers.

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