Raven Releasing the Sun

$250 Order

Edition Size: 50
Size: 26” x 15”
Paper: Arches 100% Rag Mat

In ancient times, Raven, the trickster, resolved to steal the sun from an old man who lived with his daughter far to the north. He transformed himself into a cedar sprig and fell into water which the girl drank, and the next day she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The old man was happy to be a grandfather and spoiled the boy, who grew rapidly and was a toddler in just a few days. He was allowed to play with everything, except an old cedar box. The precocious boy cried until the grandfather relented and let the boy play with it. Quickly he took it outside and immediately transformed into Raven, and flew away with it. But when he reached the clouds a gust of wind blew the box out of his mouth, and as it fell the lid opened, the sun escaped and floated up towards the sky world where it stayed; shining its light on the world below.

The RAVEN is known as the trickster because of his quick wit and sense of humor. He is curious and symbolizes creativity, prestige and knowledge.


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