Life on the 18th Hole

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Size: 28x22"
Silk Screen Serigraph on Arches Rag Matt Paper

This print is intended to serve as a historical marker of an important event in Canadian history. In 1989 Canada was put on the international stage in the stand-off in Oka, Quebec. During the 3 month stand-off between Mohawk Warriors and the Canadian military, there was no bigger story in the world press; everyone was following the story.

The Mohawk warrior symbolizes an individual pushed to his limit and having the will to stand his ground. The "10 little policemen," is turning around the nursery rhyme "1 little, 2 little, three little Indians", allowing the viewer to see the ethnocentric roots of this children's nursery rhyme. The Circle is the circle of life, the arrows the four directions, four being the number of balance and completeness. The red dots represent the blood of man, one for each race; the red, the yellow, the black, and the white man. Jointly these remind us of the common bond of all men.

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